Committee Democrats – Definition

Those Democrats who were not politically active before the 2016 election, and who were motivated to get involved with their local Democratic Party at the Town, City or State level because of the election of President Trump.

Characteristics of Committee Democrats are:

– A focus on grassroots organizing.

– Less concerned about making political points between different groups within the Democratic party, and more concerned with getting results.

– Willing to collaborate, but also concerned with providing constructive criticism of the existing political infrastructure.

– Willing to suggest changes to the existing political structure to make our democracy work.

I’ve been looking for a term to describe what we’ve been doing here on the Democratic Action Group. Though some might wonder why do we need a new term at all, and we just call ourselves Democrats! Anyway, I thinkCommittee Democrats describes what’s been happening up and down the Commonwealth at a local level.

I was inspired in part by this article about Annette Grady and her efforts to organize the Plainville Democratic Town Committee and it struck a cord with me around our efforts in Braintree.


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